The Free Web Host - Should It Be An Option Included On Your Best Web Hosting Sites List?

There are quite a number of free website hosting services available. It is no secret, however, numerous critics have made disparaging comments about free sites. Be that as it may, there are also scores upon scores of published free sites on the internet. The mere fact such sites exist does show there is some value to using free websites. The key here is to determine when such sites are valuable and when they are not.

Should You Use a Free Site?

There is no reason why you should not take advantage of a free site, but you do have to be aware of the fact a free site will never be as impacting as a site on a paid hosting site. Generally, a free site is a great starter site that allows you to launch a presence on the web immediately and without any cost. Until the time comes when you can develop a proper site on a paid platform, a free site has much value and benefit. Even when you have launched your real site, you can still launch free sites to promote the primary site or to highlight promotional offers you may be interested in raising awareness of.

The Benefits and the Drawbacks

There are a few major benefits to free websites. If you're on a tight budget, a free web site can offer a great solution to getting your business out there for very little cost. Of course, you will have to invest some time into creating your site, and this will be a cost on its own.

Also, there are many free alternatives which offer incredibly professional-looking templates that can help to get your free site noticed. If you require a quick solution to training employees or need to test a new offering, a free site can offer a convenient way to do it. Testing is another advantage of free sites, as you can try your content on several different services to see which service works best with your site.

Of course, there are also a few disadvantages of using free sites. As far as domain names are concerned, a free site limits you. In order to have a free space on the web, your address will have to include the name of the company form where you are getting your free site. This may seem unprofessional to visitors, but can be resolved by using a free URL shortening service like TinyURL.

You may notice that your free site contains a number of ads, which can also be a turn-off. However, a free host has to pay for their space somehow, and ad revenue is most commonly how they do it. There are also a number of other limitations imposed by free site hosts, including database, bandwidth and email accounts.


Parting Thoughts on Free Website Hosting

Free website hosting services definitely do have their value. That value is best for those launching a starter website, have a limited budget, or may only be interested in a short term internet presence. Ultimately, while it may not be included in the list of best web hosting sites, a free hosted website is better than not having any website presence online so you really should never be outright dismissive of the free hosted sites. And, as stated before, although there may not be much you can do about your URL, the free site alternatives are much more professional in appearance than they used to be.

That said, when it becomes obvious a free site is not delivering clear and obvious results anymore, a decision will have to be made about switching to a paid hosting service. This is likely to be a welcome change, as it will usually mean that a business has grown to the point of needing more space on the web.



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