Help Lower Site Ownership Costs With Free Web Hosting Applications


Publishing a website is never as easy as you might initially think. That is because success in any form of internet commerce and marketing requires consistently trying to improve operations. The competition is fierce and unless you take the steps to maximize the use of your website, it will not succeed.

This is where free web hosting applications can come into play. Free applications increase the functionality of your site, as well as making it much easier to make quick changes and other updates so that you can stay ahead of your competition.

Google has recently unveiled its own free application service dubbed the Google App Engine which allows users to create their own application. Of course, there are quite a number of other applications that can be accessed but it remains among the most popular. Regardless of the applications you add to your website, you do so with the intention of increasing the amount of the features and expanding the functionality of your site. And the more functionality your site has, the more useful your visitors will find it to be, and the more often they will return.

Common Examples of Web Hosting Applications

There are quite a number of web hosting applications available for integration. Again, a great many of these applications are completely free. Common applications can range from very simple things such as being able to launch and integrate a blog within the structure of a currently published website to the advanced integration of a full-service ecommerce web store. Two of the more popular applications are Drupal and Joomla.


Drupal, the open-source content management system, offers many benefits to the user. Not only does it offer much in the way of flexibility to the user, who can integrate metadata functionality, blogs, forums and much more into their site, but it also has many other benefits. Another advantage is that there is a wide range of support for this particular CMS. Because it is open source, there are many forums for developers and users which can be found online.


Joomla is another popular free application which offers many benefits. Users can enjoy creating e-commerce websites that offer high interactivity, online communities, media portals and generate versions of their web sites in multiple languages. As well, any content created with this free application can be published in real time, and without the need for HTML knowledge.

Other Applications

Shopping cart applications would also be extremely helpful to a ecommerce website. Incredibly innovative concepts such as MediaWiki can make it possible to greatly enhance the format of a knowledge or information based website. Gallery allows sites reliant on photo albums to maximize their visual potential.

The common denominator of all these various different free web hosting applications is they are able to increase the various functions in which the site performs. That has the potential of making the site much more appealing to visitors and, in many instances, enhancing the conversion rates on websites that are produced for commercial reasons.

The Issue of Cost

Many website publishers are on a budget. They simply do not have the ability to greatly expand the function of their website at great cost. Free applications offer a viable and reliable alternative to the costly ones offered by the primary web hosting service. Hence, the fact these free applications are popular should not be surprising.

The more web site owners who take advantage of free web site applications, the more experiences there will be to share. Because so many free web hosting applications are open source, this means that future users can enjoy an even richer developing and troubleshooting experience.


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